Boxee Plugin

The Boxee Plugin is a Boxee-specific touchpad that lets you control Boxee with flicks, swipes and taps. No more repeated tapping of buttons. You can now control Boxee by simply sliding your fingers around the screen.

See the Plugin in action!

To scroll through long lists of content, just give your thumb a quick flick. The touchpad recognizes the speed of your movements and applies momentum to your actions, just like scrolling through lists on the iPhone itself.

Additionally, the touchpad displays show or song information and pulls cover art and screenshots from Boxee, making it easy to tell at a glance what's currently playing. But mostly, album cover wallpapers just look gorgeous!

The Boxee touchpad is also multi-touch, letting you pinch to zoom in and out of your photos. On a big screen HDTV, this is simply an amazing way to explore and display your photo collection.


We've added a few gestures for quick access to some Boxee controls.

Windows Modifier Keys:
Play/PauseDouble Tap
Stop2-Finger Tap
FF (audio only)2-Finger Swipe Right
REW (audio only)2-Finger Swipe Left
Jump Forward (video only)2-Finger Swipe Right
Jump Back (video only)2-Finger Swipe Left
Zoom In/OutPinch In/Out
Page Up2-Finger Swipe Up
Page Down2-Finger Swipe Down
Toggle Now Playing3-Finger Swipe Up or Down

Hippo Pro Setup

There is no setup! Just go to the Boxee profile and tap on the “Gesture” button.

Hippo Basic Setup

If it's not there already, simply assign the macro [BOXEE] to an open slot in the Macro Bar.

Boxee Setup

The Boxee touchpad is configured to work with the default Boxee configuration. However, here are step-by-step instructions in case your configuration is different.

  1. Start Boxee.
  2. Go to Boxee's Network Settings.
  3. In the Servers tab, check “Enable webserver”.
  4. Do not enter a web server password. This is currently not supported.
  5. We don't recommend changing the server port from the default 8800, but if you do, make sure you also make the change in the Boxee Plugin's settings.
  6. That's it!