Configuring Your Mac

For the best experience, download and install HippoConnect. It’s free and lets you to get the most out of HippoRemote.

HippoRemote also works with Screen Sharing but some features will not be available.

Download HippoConnect

Setup Instructions

  1. Download and run HippoConnect.
  2. Toggle the switch to turn HippoConnect on.
  3. Assign a password.
  4. You can now quit HippoConnect. It will keep running in the background.
  5. Make sure your iPhone/iPod/iPad is connected to Wi-Fi and start HippoRemote.
  6. Tap on your Mac’s name in the Detected Servers section, enter the password and start remoting!


After assigning a password, HippoConnect will ask you for authorization to make changes to your Mac. This is to configure your Mac to start HippoConnect automatically on startup.

If your Mac doesn’t show up as a detected computer, make sure your iPhone and Mac are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

If you are running a firewall on your Mac, open the Security system preference and make sure HippoConnectAgent is set to allow incoming connections.

If you still can’t connect, try rebooting your router, Mac and iPhone — in that order.

If you’ve tried everything, or if the instructions don’t make sense to you, email me at and I’ll help you get things going.