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We try our best to make HippoRemote Pro as pain-free as possible. However, it does rely on your Wi-Fi network and some networks are particularly finicky.

If you’re running into any issues, don't hesitate to email us at .

Give us as much detail as you can about the issue, your hardware, and your network. The more information we have, the better we can help you get things up and running!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the differences between the Pro and LITE versions?

In a nutshell — profiles. Pro also has additional features, like app launching, pause-on-call, background multitasking, and a gamepad mode. But the biggest difference is that Pro has profiles and LITE doesn’t.

OK, so what are profiles and why do I want them?

Profiles let you customize Pro’s trackpad and remote control buttons. Instead of trying to use a one-size-fits-all remote, profiles tailor the buttons & controls to specific apps, giving you just the controls you need.

Is there a list of all the available profiles?

Yes. See here.

Can I create my own profiles?

Yes. You can use the built-in editor. Or for more visually elaborate designs, see here for a description of the innards of a profile.

How do I get to the profile editor?

Go to the profile selection screen and tap on the action button in the upper right hand corner. Choose Modify, then tap on the profile you want to edit.

How do I access the split-screen keyboard/trackpad?

Press and hold on the keyboard button.

Can HippoRemote Pro wake up my computer?

Yes. HippoRemote Pro supports Wake-on-LAN, which is just a fancy term for a way to turn on your computer.

There are some limitations — your hardware must support it, your computer must have a wired network connection (no Wi-Fi), and you need to enter this funny thing called a MAC address.

See this article for instructions on setting up your computer.

Apple's support site also has more information for Macs.

Where do I enter the MAC address for Wake-on-LAN?

The first time you connect to your computer, HippoRemote will try to detect it’s MAC address automatically. If successful, HippoRemote will show a power button next to your computer the next time you’re on the Connect screen.

To see the detected MAC address, or to edit it manually, go to the Connect screen, tap the Edit button and then tap on your computer’s name.

How do I get pinch-to-zoom working on my Mac?

Open the Universal Access system preference, select the Seeing tab, and enable Zoom.

On the browser profiles, pinching controls web page zooming, rather than full screen zooming.

My iPhone keeps disconnecting from my Wi-Fi!

Try disabling Bluetooth. There seems to be a bug in iOS when trying to auto-detect computers while Bluetooth is enabled.

Can I use HippoRemote to control my Apple TV?

Yes! But you will need to jailbreak your Apple TV and install the Exposed VNC server. See this video for setup instructions.

Note that jailbreaking your Apple TV may void your warranty. Please proceed with caution.

What about my Roku Player / Boxee Box / PS3 / XBOX 360?

Sorry. These devices are currently incompatible with HippoRemote.